Hi, I’m Cameron Bardell.

I make mobile apps and websites that people want to use.

I'm available to hire starting in April 2021, or to freelance anytime. You can contact me at cambardell3@gmail.com, on twitter, or check out my GitHub here. I have more than five years of experience making apps with Swift and UIKit. Recently, I've been using SwiftUI to create beautifully animated user interfaces. I also have experience in data analysis with Python, Numpy, and Matplotlib, and create clean, readable websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. This site was made using Publish, a static site generator for Swift developers, and the source code is here.

Your Turn

Share your chores

Your Turn is a tool for helping households distribute their chores equitably, built with SwiftUI and Core Data.

Ripple V2

Mental health log

The upcoming second version of Ripple, featuring a greatly improve UI, mental health reports, and a science-based approach to mental health tracking.


Mental health log

Ripple helps users track the mental health coping strategies that work best for them. Ripple was built entirely with Swift and SwiftUI.


Save your quotes

Footnote is a simple and appealing way to save your favourite quotes. Footnote was built with Swift and SwiftUI.


Share your knowledge

101 allows university students to connect with their classmates and keep in touch about lectures, assignments, and exams. The iOS version was built with Swift, Objective-C and UIKit, while the Android version was written in Kotlin.